What is required for my first visit?
We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Prior to arriving, we ask you complete the forms that were mailed to you. If you did not receive them, click here to download/print. A driver's license, insurance card and any insurance deductible will be required to the visit. After checking in, we will ask you to complete a health questionnaire that the doctor will use during your visit.

What are my responsibilites?
Your insurance card should list many of your responsibilities. Read both the front and back.

How do I answer questions regarding my coverage?
Your policy manual, your personnel department at work, your retirement benefits department or the phone number listed on your insurance card.

What is a referral?
Some HMO's and "Managed Care" policies require either written or telephonic authorization to see a specialist, PRIOR to your appointment. This request must be authorized by your Primary Care Physician or Personal Care Physician(PCP).

Do I need a referral?
Check the insurance list on the inside of your policy manual.

How do I get my referral?
Contact your Primary Care Physician and request an insurance referral. Tell them what insurance you have, and the last name of the doctor you will be seeing. Your own PCP may have certain policies regarding referral authorizations. Please contact him/her for specifics.

Do I need a new referral if my specialist refers me to another specialist?
Yes, before making an appointment with a specialist, call your Primary Care Physician.