Taking the Time to Know Our Patients

We pride ourselves on getting to know each patient, educating them, and answering all questions and concerns.  We love hearing from our patients on how we deliver on this promise. Read what one patient recently had to share.  We are so grateful that this patient took the time to share this wonderful feedback with us. For other comments, click here.

I cannot recommend Dr. Altszuler highly enough. I think he’s fantastic. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone, even to my closest friends and family. The combination of knowledge, skill, and compassion is the gold standard in medicine and Dr. Altszuler has all of these qualities.

I’ve been treated by Dr. Altszuler for a little under 2 years. To date, in total, I’ve had 8 cardiologists in the past 10 years between personnel rotation at a cardiac clinic and 4 doctors in major practices. Dr. Altszuler, in my opinion, is by a good margin, the best cardiac specialist I’ve ever worked with. He is smart, professional, caring, and most importantly, an excellent communicator.

With heart issues, there are always a million questions. It’s natural, it’s your one and only heart. I’d say my previous doctors have satisfactorily answered maybe 40% of my voiced concerns. That’s a terrible number when it’s your life at stake. Dr. Altszuler answers 100% of my questions and concerns. And he does it in a kind, calming, and friendly manner.

I am no longer dreading every cardiac visit like I used to. I cannot stress enough how important this is to my and anyone’s health. Most cardiologists know what meds to prescribe, the basics are taught the same to every med student. The key to successful cardiac treatment is communication and feeling comfortable following a doc’s advice, right? If they say, “take this med” and I ask “why, what is it?” and the answer is “we give this to all our cardiac patients”, that’s not going to make me want to take it or help me understand why. “Compliance” is the term doctor’s use. What good is the treatment if the patient doesn’t follow the recommendations?

This doctor’s gentle manner puts me at ease and that’s not easy! Feeling comfortable allows me to open up more, be completely honest about where I’m at. And that gives him the best information to treat me effectively. We chat a bit, yes, he gives you TIME, something rare in medicine these days. Previously it was maybe 4 minutes if actual doctor facetime like they were running a race. Stressed me out to the max. Dr. Altszuler gives you time, never makes you feel rushed. If you have a choice, I unequivocally recommend Dr. Altszuler.