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Dr. Feingold: Echocardiograms

Dr. Feingold: Heart Transplant

Dr. Granquist- Stress Echocardiography

Dr. Dinkler: Transesophageal Echocardiography

Dr. Golub: Electrical Monitoring

Dr. Dougherty: Carotid Ultrasounds

Dr. Lee: Cardiac Catheterization

Dr. Dinkler: Heart Health

Dr. Padegimas: Cardio-oncology

Dr. Padegimas: Aspirin and Heart Health

Dr. Padegimas talks with Ray Dunaway on this 5 minute radio segment about the benefits of aspirin therapy. She discusses who can benefit from aspirin and risk factors to consider.

Dr. Padegimas: Women and Heart Health

Dr. Roth: Benefits of Statin Therapy

Dr. Roth: The Mediterranean Diet & Heart Health

Dr. Altszuler: Introduction

Dr. Altszuler: Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring

Dr. Altszuler: Interpreting Data from Wearable Devices

Amanda Votto, PA-C: Stress reduction to Improve Heart Health