Enriching Heart Health by Focusing on the Emotional and Mental Wellness

Heart disease is the number one cause of death in both males and females. The medical field has made massive strides in the treatment and prevention of cardiac disease over the years.Treatment has been focused primarily on physical healing, which is a vital component to wellness. However, we cannot overlook the emotional and mental challenges that often go hand in hand with cardiac disease. The prevalence of stress, anxiety and depression are higher among those affected by heart disease.

Our own Physician Assistant, Amanda Votto, has launched the Whole-Hearted Cardiac Wellness program. Amanda has over 18 years of clinical experience in the field of cardiology. She believes that we can use our current health challenge as a catalyst for deep personal growth and healing.

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This program that will help you develop healthy skills to not only manage stress but to discover the root of your stress and ways to work with it using mindfulness and self-compassion. Often, we may feel alone in our struggles and that is why a group setting is so important. We need each other to learn, connect and remember our sense of belonging. We cannot do this work alone and a supportive group environment is an integral part of this program.

Together we will:

  • Explore how stress manifests physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Recognize the role of stress — healthy vs unhealthy
  • Understand the signals in our body and how to listen deeply to what we need
  • Learn how to befriend our body — moving from blame and criticism into compassion and acceptance
  • Discover how to feel emotions safely and bring awareness to ways we resist our feelings
  • Learn how to bring curiosity to our thoughts, especially worry and anxiety, to unhook from their tight grip  
  • Identify and practice healthy coping skills to care for ourselves on a regular basis.

This 8-week experience will use a combination of mindfulness, meditation, self-compassion practices, reflection/journaling, and discussion.


Classes are 90 minutes and meet for 8 consecutive weeks on Zoom.

Upcoming Class: February 1 – March 22; classes held on Tuesdays from 12pm-1:30

Fee: $250 for the 8-week course*

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Click here for an overview of the 8-week curriculum and learn more about the services and other classes that Amanda offers.

And, click here for her blogs and other sources of inspiration.

*Please note that all fees and services are independent of Consulting Cardiologists. We endorse her programs but do not benefit financially and do not have a role in any of the services that she provides.