Breakfast Berry Smoothie

Serves 2

New England strawberry picking season is fast approaching! Use fresh or frozen berries for this recipe.


2 cups strawberries. If using fresh strawberries, add ½ cup ice cubes. If using frozen strawberries, omit the ice.

1 cup milk: substitute orange juice or dairy free milk if desired in 1:1 ratio

2 Tbsp honey or ½ dropper liquid all natural Stevia

¼ tsp vanilla extract 

Optional:  To add a protein source, mix in ½ cup Greek yogurt, ½ serving protein powder, or 2 Tbsp chia seeds. 


In a high-power blender, add the milk, honey, and vanilla extract first followed by the optional protein source then layer the fruit on top.  If using fresh fruit, add ½ cup ice cubes on top. Process on high until blended smooth. 

Serve in a chilled glass. Enjoy! 

Per serving: Approximately 165 calories, 36g carb, 4g protein (will vary depending on liquid source used and if additional protein source added in), 1g saturated fat, 55mg sodium.