Heart Transplant Program at Hartford Reaches a Major Milestone

Consulting Cardiologists, PC physicians have been integrally involved in the Heart Transplant Team at Hartford Hospital since the inception of the program in 1984. The Heart Transplant program just reached a major milestone and performed its 500th heart transplant. Congratulations to the entire team who helped achieve the goal.

We are proud that one of own doctors, Dr. Andrew Feingold, serves as Medical Director of the Heart Transplant Program at Hartford Hospital.

In this short 3 minute video, Dr. Feingold talks about this major milestone and how the heart transplant program has been getting stronger each year.

In this longer segment, Dr. Feingold talks about the evolution of the heart transplant program which is the gold standard treatment for patients at end stage heart failure. He shares how the heart transplant process works and the team approach to helping patients through a complex process. He also shares some of the challenges that COVID presented. He also talks about how patients get listed for a transplant and what happens once a heart becomes available. He also talks about what’s next for the heart transplant team at program at Hartford.