Maintaining Your Heart Healthy Diet at the Thanksgiving Gathering

Thanksgiving can be a wonderful time to sit and graze with friends and family. But the feast can also pack in a lot of excess fat, salt, and calories if you are not mindful. If you are careful with choices and portions, you can enjoy a full meal in celebration.

Before gathering, have a small heart healthy snack like a tablespoon of nuts or a piece of low fat cheese with some whole grain low sodium crackers, along with a glass of water. If you are not starving and are hydrated when you sit down for the meal, you will be less likely to over indulge. 

Choose white turkey meat without the brined skin to reduce your salt intake.

Load the majority of your plate with plain vegetables, without sauces or toppings. Add salt free seasonings or squeeze a slice of lemon juice on top for flavor. 

Roasted sweet potatoes are often a better choice over mashed white potatoes as the later is often made with full fat dairy products which can be high in fat and calories.

A little thin gravy goes a long way! Keep your gravy on the side for dipping rather than pouring over your food. You’ll use much less this way sparing excess calories.

Choose one small dessert and savor it fully!

Most of all, enjoy the day with your family and friends.