Walk Your Way to Better Health

Senior couple walking together in the countryside, back view

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise. It improves circulation and can ward off heart disease, brings up the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the heart, and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. It also can help you stay in shape, lose weight, improve joints, sleep better, and lighten your mood. Click here for a helpful article on the many benefits of walking>

At Consulting Cardiologists, we practice what we preach!  We now are in the midst of a highly fun and competitive contest to see which members of our team can walk the most steps each week.

Week one was a big success…

  • Our three top steppers Melina (133579), Carol C (124577), and Lauren L (112850) will receive special prizes for this week’s accomplishments. 
  • Congrats to Dr. Walden for exceeding 100,000 steps and being the top doc stepper of the week. 
  • Kudos to all of those who broke the 100,000 step barrier: Dr. Walden, Melina, Kyleigh, Lauren L, Jessica N, Carol C, Linda F, Johanna and Pennie.

On to round two…

The competition continues as we move into week two.

Moving on in the staff bracket are: Crystal, Melina, Laurie G, Emily, Judy K, Lori D, Melissa B, Kimberly, Judy V, Tara, Kyleigh, Russ, Angela, Lauren L, Jessica N, Carol C, Meagan, Linda F, Linda L, Michelle S, Sam, Betsy, Lisa L, Lorrie M, Dee, Susannah, Raquel, Johanna and Pennie.

Moving in in the doctor bracket are: Dr. Dinkler, Dr. Tally, Dr. Bleich, Dr. Altszuler, Dr. Walden, Dr. Feingold, Dr. Lee and Dr. Roth.

Want to take part in your own challenge?!  It is easy to do. Start small, track your steps each day, and steadily increase the amount you walk each day. Write it down in a journal and set goals for how many steps you want to walk each week.  Grab a partner or pet to help you stay motivated. And, make sure to dress for the weather and wear supportive walking shoes.

 Hope you join us walking your way to good health!